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>> The most common one is this one: "The beer/wine is bad. I won't pay." >(After
>> finishing the entire half liter glass/bottle).
> Well, if nothing else, you have to admire the dedication of such people, don't
> you? :D  
> What I mean is: rather than taking a sip or two, and immediately declaring the
> beer/wine to be unsatisfactory, they have, instead, taken the time and trouble
> to finish the entire glass/bottle, first, before they decide that, yes, the
> half liter of drink they've just consumed was bad. :/
> Perhaps it's one of those self-sacrificing gestures we all hear about from
> time to time (e.g. a solider throwing himself onto a grenade to save his
> nearby comrades)?  Maybe they figure that if they finish off the entire half
> liter of "bad" beer/wine, they'll spare another patron from ever having to
> drink it?
> (That is to say, no, I don't get it either.)
There's actually a good reason for finishing it all first.  It's a procedure
that's good to follow not only with drinks but with foods.  It goes like

The first mouthful is to clear your palate of other flavours that might be
the second is to clear your mind of prejudices and rumours,
the third is to clear your mind of expectations and assumptions,
the fourth is to clear your mind of negative memories and associations,
the fifth is to focus your mind clearly on the drink (or food) before you,
the sixth is to observe your first impressions now that you're fully
attentive to what you're tasting,
the seventh is notice the initial aroma you experience as you take the drink
or food into your mouth,
the eighth is to notice whether and to what degree the flavour includes
the ninth is to notice whether and to what degree the flavour includes
the tenth is to notice whether and to what degree the flavour includes
the eleventh is to notice whether and to what degree the flavour includes
and the twelfth is to notice whether and to what degree the flavour includes

If there's any food or drink left after that, your mouthfuls weren't big
enough.  B-)  

Meanwhile, using my system, no one can accuse you of being hasty in your

> While I think of it, though, I have to ask: how the devil did the customer see
> the bit of sauce that was -under- his/her plate?  [scratches head]
Solution:  the customer's 3-year old child (or was it his wife?) threw a
tantrum and turned the plate over onto the table in a fit of temper?

Hope that helps.  



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