[NTLK] OT: Customers, was: Einstein and Xcode 4, problems with Cocoa graphics calls, HELP NEEDED.

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Wed Sep 12 05:05:04 EDT 2012

On 12.09.2012, at 05:27, Morgan Aldridge <morgant at makkintosshu.com> wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 8:16 PM, Charles Mangin
> <option8-newton at option8.com> wrote:
>> after you and Matthias get Einstein running at blazing speed, is there any chance you could attack a few of my pet bugs in Coda? :)
> I know this was all in fun, so I just wanted to chime in to say that I
> loved Steven's answer to this semi-related Quora question:
> <http://www.quora.com/Panic-Inc/Why-did-Panic-release-Coda-2-with-so-many-bugs/answer/Steven-Frank>
> Naturally, you're not asking for a refund, only for some of your pet
> peeves with Coda to be fixed (and I'm assuming said bugs have already
> been reported to Panic), so I'm sure Steven and his fellow Panic
> companions are already hard at work on them. That said, I'm sure we're
> all glad you've got your priorities straight, at least as far as this
> list is concerned: Einstein first, then Coda. :P

Among the other things I do (you know, those that pay the bills), I support a beer garden and restaurant. The stuff you hear, the complaints, the attempts to get a free meal, I have started to collect those. 

Not to say that complaints are always wrong and shouldn't be taken seriously, but very often, just by the kind of complaint, it;s easy to tell that the client didn;t invest any time into figuring out, what's wrong, or considering that it may be a local issue, or give a chance to fix the issue befor publishing minor stuff to the world.

The most common one is this one:
"The beer/wine is bad. I won't pay." (After finishing the entire half liter glass/bottle).

"There is not enough salt in my salad. I want a new one, and I won't pay either one of them."

"The salt kernels from the salt mill are too big. I want e refund on the meal." (with a designer mill where you can change the kernel size to ones wishes)

"We have freshly shot deer." - "I assume it's shot. I don;t want strangled animals." ("freshly shot" as opposed to having been in the freezer for months - ah well).

"How dare you! There was ham in the salad. I am a vegetarian! The french fries were great though." (we have special salads for vegetarians, but we have to know at time of order. We would never sell French Fries to a vegetarian, because they are fried in animal fat, as they are everywhere...)

"You serve mushroom from White Russia? Are you crazy? Didn't you know that White Russia is part of Tschernobyl? I won;t pay anything of what I have eaten and make you liable for my cancer treatment." (actually, Tschernobyl is part of White Russia, not the other way around. It's like saying that the USA is part of NY, but eh, whatever. Oh, and the radiation in mushrooms outside of Tschernobyl is no higher than the rest of the world)

A customer had a bit of sauce under the plate. This can happen when carrying more than one plate stacked on the waters arm. We apologized, took the dish, warmed the food, rearranged on a new plate, returned the plate with an apology and a free desert for both at the table. Result: a review on facebook ripping us to shreds on how dirty we are... .

Or downright silly stuff:

"I want to talk to the owne, I don;t like that waiters shoes."

"I want another table. I don't want to be served by a waiter with tattoos! That is unhealthy." (46% of Germans have a tattoo somewhere on their body. Here, a tiny tip of a butterfly wing was showing through a blouse)

Or the completely unnecessary stuff:

"All bottles were bad" (An elder lady begged us to deliver a case (six bottles) of cheap cooking wine (2,20 Euros pre bottle) to her door step for free. After a week she called us to exchange the box for a new one. After driving there with a new case, the driver discovered that all bottles she returned were empty. And no, he did not leave another case with her - they probably would have all been bad as well.

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