[NTLK] Einstein and Xcode 4, problems with Cocoa graphics calls, HELP NEEDED.

Morgan Aldridge morgant at makkintosshu.com
Tue Sep 11 23:27:47 EDT 2012

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 8:16 PM, Charles Mangin
<option8-newton at option8.com> wrote:
> after you and Matthias get Einstein running at blazing speed, is there any chance you could attack a few of my pet bugs in Coda? :)

I know this was all in fun, so I just wanted to chime in to say that I
loved Steven's answer to this semi-related Quora question:


Naturally, you're not asking for a refund, only for some of your pet
peeves with Coda to be fixed (and I'm assuming said bugs have already
been reported to Panic), so I'm sure Steven and his fellow Panic
companions are already hard at work on them. That said, I'm sure we're
all glad you've got your priorities straight, at least as far as this
list is concerned: Einstein first, then Coda. :P


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