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Dammit! Okay, as I was saying AGAIN--while $1.99 might not be enough, $50 seems way topoolkjn

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On Sep 10, 2012, at 3:08 PM, Dan <dan at dbdigitalweb.com> wrote:

> I have often thought about this package as well.  I wish he used the
> name or something else that does not lock it down to a particular
> machine.  What I would really like it for is backups, but if one MP2x00
> dies and I get another the software won't work with it.  Given how old
> our hardware is and most of us have spares, it is not wise to lock down
> software in this manner.
> I am not saying the developer (or product) is bad, but for me this is a
> issue.  I am sure the developer would give you a new license if your
> current newt died.  But what happens if you can't get a hold of him?
> There are many cases of developers disappearing from the newton and
> leave us up a creek.  Again nothing against the developer, it is just a
> "sticking point" for me.  I have no problem buying software that I know
> I can use when I need to use it (especially since it now benefits UNNA)
> -Dan
> P.S.  I do have a couple of old windows programs that will sync, I think
> Claris is one of them.  Not sure offhand, but I know I have at least
> two.  I thought they were on UNNA, if not let me know and I will dig
> them up and upload.  The only downside to them (if I remember right) you
> couldn't exports the data from it very easily.  Although I think one of
> them did have CSV as a option, just wasn't the easiest to use.  Also I
> seem to recall doing a post a while back comparing the various programs
> and what I found.  Perhaps it was just my notes, but might be worth
> doing a search. ;)  I don't have time at the moment or I would check now.
> On 9/9/2012 3:16 PM, SteveCraft wrote:
>> I liked the Newton Connection Tools a lot (could not pay by the original
>> Argentinian method, but paying by donation worked fine for me). Anyway, the
>> main drawback to it was the copy protection, it is keyed to work on/for a
>> single Newton device only (it worked on my single MP2k1 but not my eMates or
>> my secondary MP2k). Also, it also needed a serial port, which have all but
>> disappeared on modern machines (not really the fault of the software).
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>> On Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 1:02 AM, Blake Hanes <kissmyash933 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Perhaps an older version of palm desktop? I believe Claris Organizer 
>>> was made for windows as well.
>> There is also a relatively new piece of software called Newton Connection
>> Tools for Windows which supports Outlook synchronization:
>> <http://usuarios.arnet.com.ar/mtu16/>
>> I've never tried it myself, but I know there's at least a handful of people
>> out there who use it. Full disclosure: the author changed the payment
>> process a couple years ago to require a $45 donation to UNNA and I'm not
>> suggesting it for that reason, but I am gauging use by the
>> 1/2 dozen or so donations I've received.
>> There's also another method describing syncing w/Outlook 2007 using LookOut:
>> <http://www.hanselman.com/blog/HowToSyncYourAppleNewtonMessagePadWithOutlook
>> 2007.aspx>
>> Hope that helps,
>> Morgan
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