[NTLK] FS: Newton 2100 & 2x in-the-box 9W power supply

Lloyd Conway doc_retro at juno.com
Sun Sep 9 13:18:29 EDT 2012

Before turning to eBay, I want to offer The List first crack at a Newton 2100 (not an upgrade - the real thing) that I picked up a while back and two 9W power supplies I found at my wife's school.  (I sell off their old computer stuff to help raise money for them and net sale proceeds from these two will go them -  Our Savior Lutheran School in Grand Ledge, MI.)

The 2100 has a plug-in power supply and a battery pack.  The latter does not work, and I decided not to try to rebuild it, so it's 'as-is.'  There is a cover door on this unit and a new replacement stylus is included.  There is no battery tray.  The unit housing is in cosmetically good condition - no obvious cracks, chips or signs of abuse.  The screen is in only fair condition.  There are several scratches and scuff marks.  However, the screen works, as does the backlight.  I reset the unit, so it's ready for a new owner's setup information.  There are 'blank' cards installed in both expansion slots.  The Y2010K parch is not installed, nor is any non-issue software, such as the Kallisys ATA driver, etc.  I'm asking $75.00 + shipping (OBO) for this unit. I'll add a 128 MB card for an additional $20.00.  (You'll need to install the Kallisys ATA software to use the card, however.)

The 9W power supplies are in the box.  One is new and looks to be unused - still in the plastic, cord tied off with a black string tie, etc.  The other comes with its' box, but it has been used, though it is in 'like-new' condition.  For the new-new 9W I'm asking $15.00+ shipping; for the other one, $10.00+shipping. 

if you're buying more than one item, shipping will be combined to save money.  

If you're interested, please reply off-list.  Thank you.

-Lloyd Conway
 Charlotte, Michigan

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