[NTLK] Off Topic: Macintosh SE/30 - to buy or not to buy?

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Sun Sep 9 03:07:20 EDT 2012

Hello friends,

just to rub salt into the wounds: not too many weeks ago I finally brought several (six or seven) PPCs and one IIfx to the disposal. It was over here in germany ok, but after too many years of respectful waiting and several trials to give it to vulnerables (and all the problems connected to that) it was the only option, finally.

I'd really had prefered to give it to you (every single machine), but the shipment would have made it prohibitive of course. 

It's a pitty.

(I still own some few other macs of that era, even two LCs and one IIfx, which I don't intend to give away)
And the most absurd of all: I don't use my three newtons at all, but own all equipment to do. But there was no good offer when I finally tried to give them away. And I don't want to squander them…


Am 07.09.2012 um 18:30 schrieb William Maloney:

> Thinking about this one. The computer is about an hour away but its
> $25. Not sure what system is running on it. Few questions for the
> Apple elders:
> 1.) Would I be able to connect it to a Newton and use any software with it?
> 2.) Assuming this is a Macintosh SE/30 Plus, would it be able to read
> and write to Windoze Discs off the bat? Might use it for some word
> processing or something.
> 3.) What is the retail value of a working Mac SE/30
> 4.) Words of encouragement?
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