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> I can't guarantee a complete list but if you just want a
> fairly varied diet of Newton commercials etc., start by searching 
>"Newton" on YouTube.

Thank you for the reply and for the YouTube links.  I don't recall seeing the FutureShock one before (although when you've got a memory like mine, you come across "new" things all the time, don't you?).  Great stuff.

>However, I found them without special knowledge just by searching, so
>you should manage to find most things again.

Yes, I've come across various Newton-related videos over the years, but it's been more of a scattered hit-and-miss effort as opposed to following a nice (and relatively complete) road map.  I guess what I'd like to see is a sort of master Newton "video index."  Something like this:


...but with the video titles, their length, and a brief summary of what the viewer could expect to see so that they can pick and choose what they view.  
Basically, the video equivalent of a bibliography ("videography," from what I can gather, isn't quite the word I want).

On the print side of things, the venerable Vectronics has done a good job with his gallery of Newton ads and brochures here:


and here:


I find myself hoping that someone will put together the same sort of gallery, but with the JPEGs representing QuickTime clips (which, admittedly, would be extremely bandwidth-intensive for the site as opposed to going the YouTube route).  To give him credit, Vectronics does have 7 Newton commercials in his video gallery:


(Newton commercials are the fourth category in the drop-down menu on the left under "Search Videos by Category.)

Not all of which I had seen before.  While it's a pretty decent selection as these things go, it's not -quite- as in-depth as I'd like to see (e.g. he's missing the "Welcome to Newton" video, for one) and there's no index for the videos, either, like macmothership.com has done for their own print advertising and brochure gallery.

(I know I know: whinge, whinge, eh?)

I suppose the basic problem is that, for most Apple aficionados, the Newton represents a sideline, and Newton-related videos a sideline of a sideline. [sigh]

(Of course, it's easy to be a perfectionist when other people are performing the work, isn't it?) :^)


James Fraser

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