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> Hello,
> --- On Thu, 6/28/12, William Maloney <william.maloney.09 at cnu.edu> wrote:
>> Okay, working off of the original Newton Solutions Guide printed in 1995,
>> here are some of the titles we would love to include in NEWTON Complete.
> That reminds me: is there a master list/collection somewhere of all the "What
> is Newton?" commercials, and Newton-related sales, promotional, and
> instructional videos (e.g. "Welcome to Newton")?
> Is that what the Newton Museum's Movies Collection is (was?)?  I'm afraid I
> don't have a torrent client right now, so I can't take a look firsthand.


I can't guarantee a complete list but if you just want a fairly varied diet
of Newton commercials etc., start by searching "Newton" on YouTube.  I gave
a presentation on the history of Apple a couple of years back, focussing on
their ads and on portable computing, and found that people had put quite a
few Newton-related videos up there.  I was able to reconstruct a fair bit of
the history of Apple hand-helds and tablets prior to the Newton and some of
the technological emphases (like the wonderful Knowledge Navigator) that
found at least partial expression in the Newton, just using what I found.

Some teasers: 

This astounding one, © Apple Computers 1987:

This video which apparently was included with the Newton originally:

The "Who?/What?/Where?" ads:

There's more but I seem to have mangled my bookmark list for this topic.
Someplace or other I also found a survey of Apple's early, pre-Newton tablet
designs, going back to the early '80s but that's one of my missing links
now.  However, I found them without special knowledge just by searching, so
you should manage to find most things again.




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