[NTLK] einstein on raspberry pi?

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Sat Sep 8 03:31:33 EDT 2012

On 08.09.2012, at 05:54, Charles Mangin <option8-newton at option8.com> wrote:

> just a random rambling idea…
> there's all these new ARM based system-on-a-chip development boards coming out - Raspberry Pi being the one with the biggest buzz. heck, bolt on some RAM and storage and the newest Teensy board would have more power than the 2100 did ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/paulstoffregen/teensy-30-32-bit-arm-cortex-m4-usable-in-arduino-a )

You could probably do that. 

You could even run NewtonOS directly. The core NewtonOS should run, provided you can switch the ARM into MSB mode (all current ARM boards work on Intel byte order,; Newton OS works in PowerPC byte order, but ARM processors can usually switch mode).

All the interfaces are different though, for example the screen memory, the serial ports, etc. . You would have to write a new REX, a ROM EXtension, that will adapt OS calls to you hardware. This is all possible (Paul has done exactly that( and much more)), but will take a lot of time and knowledge.

Alternatively, you could run Linux with Einstein on top. That would work right away, but still in emulator mode, so it would be sloooow.

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