[NTLK] New version of Einstein for Android

Allen.Russell at linde.com Allen.Russell at linde.com
Fri Dec 28 14:10:48 EST 2012


This is excellent.  I recently bought a Lenovo A2107 tablet, with a 7 inch 
screen, rather cheap.  It took a few tries, but once it was running, it 
works well.  It's feels slower than my MP2000u, but still is plenty fast 
enough.  (For people in the U.S. the Staples.com store still has this 
tablet available for $149.).  It is nice because the tablet is just about 
the same size as the MP2100, but much thinner.

I love that the Newttest from Frank G. is included with Einstein, it 
reports the CPU to be 99.5 MHz, and best of all it lets me turn on the 
green backlight.  The loop test reports an average of 2873 
iterations/second.  Anyone else have a benchmark?  Documentation for this 
Lenovo tablet is sparse, I can't figure out if it's a quad-core or 
single-core CPU. 

One install tip I'd like to say for others, since I made this mistake 
myself.  The instruction say to install this in /sdcard/download/einstein 
Well, my tablet has a micro-SD slot which I was using, and I put the ROM 
and REX files there.  But of course, this external SD card slot is called 
/sdcard2 by Android so Einstein said it couldn't find the ROM.  Once I put 
the files into internal memory, Einstein worked (after an Android reboot).

 >Hi my friends of the green friend,
 >Tonight I uploaded a new version of Einstein for Android: 
einstein.26.12.2012.apk . Use this link to download:

Best Regards / Saludos Cordiales / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / 谨此致候 / S 
pozdravem / Atenciosamente / Venlig hilsen / Salutations distinguées

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