[NTLK] New version of Einstein for Android

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Fri Dec 28 05:10:38 EST 2012

Michael Hurley <mephit at mac.com> schrieb:

>On Dec 27, 2012, at 4:36 AM, Matthias Melcher wrote:
>> Yes, the NewtoOS was not made for a small screen, and there is no way
>to shrink the UI in a sensible way, other than just scaling it down.
>Sorry! I wasn't trying to imply anything was wrong. I was just trying
>to describe my experience. 

Haha. No need to apologize at all. Thank you for describing your experience. It helps me very much when trying to find ways to improve Einstein.

I am German. I have the uncontrollable urge to explain everything with utmost precission while avoiding any sugar coating. That may make me sound stern, stubborn, impolite or annoyed. But I am not :-) . 

Should I feel defensive or be annoyed, I would say so. :^)

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