[NTLK] New version of Einstein for Android

Tony Morrow gizmo1482 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 09:24:02 EST 2012

On Dec 27, 2012, at 5:36 AM, Matthias Melcher wrote:

> On 27.12.2012, at 06:09, Michael Hurley <mephit at mac.com> wrote:
>> On Dec 26, 2012, at 9:50 PM, joe kallo wrote:
>> On my Samsung Galaxy SII I can get to the program menu OK but haven't yet figured out how to install the 2010 patch. I'll give it a few more tries before I start bugging the list, though.
> Ah, I did not know that newer machines have no longer a menu button. I will check what the Android docs say. This should be easily fixable.

Yeah, in Android 4.0 Google added the option for on screen buttons. Some manufactures still use physical ones, but as of 4.0 the menu button is no longer standard. In most apps not optimized for 4.0+ there will be three dots in the bottom left hand corner of the screen that pulls up the menu. For 4.0+ designed apps the menu button is moved to the top right corner of the screen and becomes part of the app interface. I'm sure developers and users are both annoyed by the change since it causes inconstancies between different apps.

> I am glad it is running on a Note II so nicely. I might even just jump int the store today and get one. This will entice me even more to fix the menu issue ;-) . How the heck do I get the purchases from one machine to the other though? 

Your Google Play store purchases are linked to your google account, not your phone. Once logged into your new phone, go to the play store, and go to "my apps". There you will find a list of all the apps you have purchased. Or sometimes the Play store will just re-download everything you had installed on your last device.

>> First impression is that it's much faster than the previous version but the screen size does make for a bit of difficulty trying to use a non-stylus machine. If I had something like a Note, I think this would work great. With my finger it's a bit hard to hit targets accurately on the 4" screen.
> Yes, the NewtoOS was not made for a small screen, and there is no way to shrink the UI in a sensible way, other than just scaling it down.
>> Also, is there a way to turn off the Newton Background Service? It's a cool idea, but I don't want the app running all the time ever time I launch it. Sometimes I do want to straight-up quit it.
> I will add that as an option to the preferences. Also, there will be a "Quit" option in the Einstein Menu. Lastly, the NewtonOS Extras menu also has a "Quit Einstein" item (which does not do anything in Android Einstein yet). 
> The service will eventually have the additional benefit of handling NewtonOS alarms, so that a calendar entry in NewtonOS will actually wake the phone and resume the emulator with the corresponding message. Put that's in the future... .

I was going to ask the same thing.

I'm running Einstein on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (on Verizon and running v4.2.1"Shiny ROM") and can say the speed is greatly improved over the last time I tried. I think I'm too slow at writing with my finger or. I can write 2-3 letter words fine, but writing something like "newton" get broken into 2-3 seperate words using the print recognizer. Changing the delay before processing would probably clear up my problems.

-Tony Morrow

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