[NTLK] [OT] 20 MB memory cards FAQ

Gary McQueen GMMcQueen at netscape.ca
Sat Dec 22 11:57:32 EST 2012

I, too, learned early in my education that the apostrophe was to be used 
to indicate the plural form of acronyms.  I'm glad that others have 
mentioned it because I thought I had been wrong all these years!  
However, there is also the question of whether FAQ should be pluralized 
at all .... the _s_ would be understood since it forms part of the word 
_Questions_.  :-)


Doug Denby wrote:

>In previous versions of English punctuation, an apostrophe was used to append the "s" in plurals. This habit seems to have evolved out of modern punctuation, but it makes sense when applying the plural to an abbreviation as it separates the actual abbreviation from the plural suffix, which could otherwise be considered part of the abbreviation. The lack of a subsequent noun that would make the noun with the apostrophe into an adjective is sufficient to recognize the purpose of the apostrophe.
>And for a similar reason it can and maybe should be applied to proper nouns, such as the Smith's and the Jones's, and maybe even to the Gruendel's. 

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