[NTLK] De-Newtoning the Household

Anna Woo achow2 at aol.com
Fri Dec 21 23:51:45 EST 2012

Dear Members,

I am clearing out the house for early Spring Cleaning. I have a boatload of Newton items that I would like to give to NewtonTalk members. The only payment is for shipping. Ideally, I would like someone to take the whole kit and kaboodle but am willing do bundle. Okay, kids. This is not a joke or scam. It needs a good home and I hate the idea of sending it to the electronics recycling. I just have a sneaky suspicion that I'm showing my age. Here's the list:

- upgraded 2000. Microphone is not working but I have a spare mic if you have handy soldering skins. Case his a small crack in the seam from being pried open to replace the old green screen with new and improved white one. It has the SER-100 serial port installed.
- Standard black carrying case
- numerous memory cards
- one of more Ethernet cards
- 2 extra doors
- multiple styli
- keyboard
- 2 serial adapter plugs
- spanking brand new pda concepts black carrying case
- every piece of Newt software known to mankind - Leverage, too. I have printed manuals and original 3-1/2" floppies (remember those?)
- assorted cables
- blank slot cards
- 2 batteries (ready to test your battery rebuilding skills). Believe it or not, one of them takes a charge for a little while
- adapter so you can print to a serial printer
- original packing box and manuals

I'm sure there's more so I'll just put it in the box.

Please email me offlist at achow2 at aol.com. First asker gets it.

All the best

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