[NTLK] OT: Incomplete Infocom iOS Collection (Was: Original cost for Infocom games)

Larry Zasitko l.zasitko at sasktel.net
Fri Dec 21 15:24:54 EST 2012

On 2012-12-21, at 1:58 PM, Larry Zasitko wrote:

the five pacs that are available are:
Adventure Collection:
Border Zone, Cutthroats, Hollywood Hijinx, Infidel and Seastalker
Fantasy Collection I:
Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Plundered Hearts, Wishbringer, Zork II and Zork III
Fantasy Collection II:
Enchanter, The Lurking Horror, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker, and Trinity
Mystery Collection:
Ballyhoo, Deadline, Moonmist, Suspect and The Witness
SciFi Collection:
A Mind Forever Voyaging, Planetfall, Starcross, Stationfall and Suspended A Cryogenic Nightmare
Each is $2.99 or as mentioned before 9.99 for all of them

(OMP, 110, 130, 2100, eMate iPad 2, iPad3, iPad Mini)
(Clamshell iBook SE Charcoal, Clamshell iBook Bondi Blue, G4 Powerbook, iMac Bondi Blue, iMac Core 2 Duo)

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