[NTLK] Help with Newton emate 300

Woody Smith woodysmith at me.com
Fri Dec 21 10:51:35 EST 2012

What an excellent gift.

Newton works is built into ROM along with Newt Draw extension, which  
is handy since the eMate is somewhat limited in storage.
The spread sheet may be of interest to a 12 yr old but I suspect that  
the extension he wants is the graphing calculator.
The name of the file could be Works Calculations.pkg or possibly  
see <http://www.unna.org/view.php?/applications/NewtonWorks>

Be sure to do system patch for eMate
see <http://40hz.org/Pages//40Hz>
Do hinge repair
see <http://www.pda-soft.de/emate_disassemble.html>

Hold down 'Option Key'  to see keyboard short cuts.


On Dec 21, 2012, at 1:14 AM, Genie wrote:

> I just bought a Newton Emate 300 for my grandson. It came boxed in  
> wonderful
> condition.  He was thrilled.  He wanted to delete the previous owners
> information and decided to do a hard reset.  This for sure is a  
> learning
> experience for him.  After the hard reset he said he lost a few  
> things.  I
> can let you know exactly what when I visit him tomorrow.  The  
> spreadsheet is
> one and then something to do with graphics.
> We were skyping when he did this.  Once he saw things missing he was
> devastated.  I would like to help him.  He is 12, exceptionally  
> smart but
> sometimes moves too quickly, although I'm trying to convey this is a
> learning experience.  The Emate is a Christmas present and I'd love  
> to help
> him figure out what to do now.
> I would appreciate any help, ideas.. anything you can help us with.
> Thanks..
> Genie
> Ps.. I'm pretty sure you'll need more information unless if this is  
> just a
> done deal..
> What does he do now?

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