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Fri Dec 21 07:56:01 EST 2012


--- On Thu, 12/20/12, Genie <forte2 at pacbell

> I just bought a Newton Emate 300 for my grandson. It came boxed in >wonderful condition.  

In the interests of keeping the eMate in wonderful condition, please take a look at these two webpages:



The eMate, alas, suffers from a problem with the hinges that allow the LCD display to be deployed.  The first site starts off with a brief description of the problem so you know what you are dealing with; both sites give step-by-painstaking-step directions on how to put things to rights.

In the meantime, this is one of those cases where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Meaning: you know how the eMate may be turned on and off by opening and closing the lid?  Well, please do not do turn the machine on and off that way.

Tell your grandson to be sure to leave the lid open and, instead, power the machine on and off by using the power key found on the keyboard.

The idea here is that the less the lid is moved up and down, the less opportunity the hinge problem has to develop.  However, since opening and closing the lid is half the fun of owning an eMate (particularly for school-age children), I wouldn't view this as a permanent solution of any kind, only a stopgap measure until the hinge repair can be effected.

At any rate, please take a look at the above webpages and decide if you feel confident enough to effect the hinge repair on your own.  If not, there -might- be a couple of people in the US to whom you can ship the eMate to and have them make the repair for you.  What they would charge for making such a repair I don't know.

However, shipping an eMate back and forth is not an inexpensive proposition, which is why I suggest you take a look on your own and make up your mind once you better understand the nature of the problem.


James Fraser

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