[NTLK] Help with Newton emate 300

Genie forte2 at pacbell.net
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I just found this:

The hard reset is your best bet, as it reverts the eMate back to "factory
settings". The only thing that may be an issue is that the reset will wipe
out any of those student documents, and potentially the installed "Newton
Works" software. However, Works can be downloaded and reinstalled from the
archives on the UNNA site:


any advice about doing this.. or is it straightforward..
I'll tell you.. a grandmother who is NOT completely computer illiterate, or
should I say hadn't been until a few years ago when things just went faster
than I could..

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I just bought a Newton Emate 300 for my grandson. It came boxed in wonderful
condition.  He was thrilled.  He wanted to delete the previous owners
information and decided to do a hard reset.  This for sure is a learning
experience for him.  After the hard reset he said he lost a few things.  I
can let you know exactly what when I visit him tomorrow.  The spreadsheet is
one and then something to do with graphics.  


We were skyping when he did this.  Once he saw things missing he was
devastated.  I would like to help him.  He is 12, exceptionally smart but
sometimes moves too quickly, although I'm trying to convey this is a
learning experience.  The Emate is a Christmas present and I'd love to help
him figure out what to do now.


I would appreciate any help, ideas.. anything you can help us with.





Ps.. I'm pretty sure you'll need more information unless if this is just a
done deal..

What does he do now?

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