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~~~ On 2012/12/03 09:46, James Fraser at
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> Hello,
> --- On Sun, 12/2/12, Frank Gruendel <newtontalk at pda-soft.de> wrote:
>> if you are interested in one of my 20 MB linear flash memory
>> cards, please get your favourite beverage, lean back, relax, and read the
>> following FAQs
> I was going great guns.....until I got to item #13:
>> Q: Are you planning on being run over by a tractor in the foreseeable
>> future?
>> A: No.
> Everyone I've ever bought Linear Flash cards from in the past was perfectly
> willing to be run over by a tractor as part of the deal.
> What a letdown. :(

Ah, James, YOU'RE the guy!

You do know they only told you they'd been run over so they could get your
money, right?  You're famous as "that guy that makes you get run over", aka
"that guy we lie to".  I even heard some guys talking about it in a
StarBucks.  If I'd realized it was you I'd have told them you aren't really
gullible.  :-D   

I'm surprised some of them didn't have a relative tell you they couldn't
send you the cards because they were dead.



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