[NTLK] Linear Flash Cards

Chris Browder kcfoxie at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 00:44:27 EST 2012

I read on the My Apple Newton blog about the compatible cards, and I tried
my luck with a 24MB card from Viking that didn't work.

I see some Cisco cards [this card was supposed to be compatible with
Cisco]...20MB in size... one has the correct PN listed on the website, the
other is about $10 cheaper and doesn't have an Intel PN listed.

At this point, I'm torn on do I attempt the cheaper card... or just pay the
~$30 for the 20MB that is "known good."


PS: I got my MP to talk to my 10.6 system today. I bought an original
AirPort to make it work; and it works well. I could not get NCX to work on
10.4, but a topic for another day (I may upgrade that system to 10.5).

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