[NTLK] MoreInfo [WAS] "Re: Memory limits on NewtonPress ebooks ( & MoreInfo )"]

Lord Groundhog LordGroundhog at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 06:58:04 EDT 2011

~~~ On 2011/08/29 17:06, Nic Malone at nicmalone at mac.com wrote ~~~

> Incidently, list users can buy MoreInfo v5 for $35 rather than the listed $85
> by emailing Scott at Silverware Software <info at silverwaresoftware.com>  There
> is a nice review of it over on the MyAppleNewton blog
> http://myapplenewton.blogspot.com/2008/01/my-pim-moreinfo.html
>  I got it for its ability to automatically log all calls, meetings and notes
> against specific people in the Names book (although I also have David
> Allen/GTD style 'contexts' in the Names books too). It has a great 'at a
> glance' feature too.

I second this recommendation.  I was astonished by the amazing abilities of
my Newton when I first got it, but since I put MoreInfo on it, I've been
blown away by how perfectly the two complement each others' functions.

And on top of that Scott is good people.


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            -- ref.:  Arthur C. Clarke

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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