[NTLK] Einstein running on iPhone

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Tue Sep 14 19:17:41 EDT 2010

Well, here it finally is, Einstein running on the iPhone (and the iPad, but I don't have one (yet)).


My biggest thanks and admiration goes out to Paul Guyot for writing this wonderful emulator and making it OpenSource - it is a pleasure to work with your code! 

Porting it to the iPhone (well, it's not a complete port, but a proof of concept) turned out to be surprisingly easy thanks to Apple (two days of work, much less if I knew ObjetiveC :-P ).

Thanks to this list for keeping the Newton alive! Without so many fans, I would have never started to dig so deeply into all this.

All the source code is on GoogleCode in the Einstein SVN repository. Compiling it should be fairly straightforward. You will need to add the ROM at compile time though. Without having an iOS developer account, iEinstein will only run on the simulator. If you do have iOS developer privileges, you can most likely compile and upload the program to your device.

I will at some point send iEinstein to the Apple iTunes Store for approval, but even though Apple's restrictions have been lifted a bit in the last week, don't hold you breath. Let's see what Apple says... .

The new source code is extremely messy! Any corrections and improvements are greatly appreciated!

Enjoy :-)

 - Matthias

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