[NTLK] Y2010 patches and date after reset

Eckhart Koeppen lists at 40hz.org
Mon Jan 11 13:31:13 EST 2010


I'm back from vacation now, and can hopefully shed some light on the  
problem with the wrong date after resetting a patched Newton.

The NewtonOS seems to have built in a "protection" against setting  
the date to a nonsensical value, which kicks in only after a reset.  
This protection forces the date to a 1996 on an unpatched Newton.

What happens on a patched Newton is the following sequence (assuming  
the date is past 2009)

1. Reset occurs
2. NewtonOS notices date after 2009 and sets it back back to 1996
3. Y2010 patch kicks in and sets the time to 2008 (since 1996 is not  
a valid date once the Newton has been patched)

I have so far not found a good place where to disable step 2, and it  
might be that this is happening in an unpatchable part of the ROM  
(step 3 is done in a pretty hackish way already), but I'm trying to  
get this resolved, because it annoys me as well :)


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