[NTLK] I'm new to Newton emate purchased on ebay (Cosmo Kain)

Cosmo Kain cosmokain at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 31 10:54:34 EDT 2010

Hello it's Cosmo from Australia I recently bought the emate. I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent me helpful and informative messages regarding the emate I have recently purchased on ebay from Canada especially to James Fraser! I appreciated your detailed input! Even though I have used Apple since 1996 and studied with them I will admit I am stupid, the emate was an impulse buy, I had one years ago it broke so I wanted another one in great working condition, I should have done more research first and perhaps joined this group first and obviously asked the ebay seller FIRST if he had performed the hinge fix on the particular unit he is sending me before I bought it with paypal although it's guaranteed by the seller and I am covered. And I don't believe the battery is not even rebuilt, the listing states: After a full charge, battery is run for several hours and then left 24hrs.  After 24hrs battery still shows a healthy charge. I am young, i
 get anxious and it will probably take until mid september for the emate to arrive in Australia - stupid surface post - who knows what I will get it may look and pass for brand new cosmetically like in the photos but it might need a new display cable, new replacement LCD display and new replacement backlight and battery - yes I have the apple service manual but I am no expert and I am certainly not going to open it up (I'll put the 4mb upgrade in it but thats all) I know I will accidentally break it if I try anything else - even though I have access to the internet and various repair instructions available online. All I can do is install ram, hard drives, optical drives and the old macintosh style PCI expansion slots! If the hinge work has to be done, what can I do, take it to an apple shop and give them an emate apple service manual? I have read stories online apple worker's these days don't even know what a newton product / device is? More money I have
 to spend? This thing might end up costing me over $300 Australian dollars I don't have! Regards


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