[NTLK] wireless connectivity

Bryan N Iotti ironsides.medvet at gmx.com
Tue Aug 31 10:21:40 EDT 2010

If you can configure the router and you don't have a lot of people coming and going (meaning, if you more or less have always the same machines connecting to the network, you could disable encryption and use MAC address filtering to keep unwanted traffic out. Then, well, I guess any semisecure traffic would have to go through SSH, otherwise you'd be transmitting in clear and any joker with a wifi card set to passive mode could read whatever you transmit.

If you connect to the PC via ethernet, you have to set up internet connection sharing for the newton to get online. That would probably save you the hassle of DHCP, not really perfect on our devices. I wouldn't know how to guide you step by step, I mostly handle Mac IT.

I had a Lucent Orinoco Bronze, never could get it to work properly. Now, I was toying with the idea of getting a Gold. On the other hand, I have a perfectly working 3Com Ethernet combo card (3c589 type), so I don't know how much more I'd use the WiFi card...

Bottom line:
If I can, I stick with Ethernet and a fixed IP. It works and doesn't drive me nuts.

On Aug 31, 2010, at 16:02 , PMichael Rodgers wrote:

>  Hmmm.  I'm trying to remember what I once knew about ethernet.  We 
> have 3 pc's, 2 laptops and a printer connected via wireless to the 
> router.  The router is up front in an inconvient location.  Where would 
> I connect the ethernet card to if I had one?  To a PC or the router?  
> The router is out of the question.  Way too inconvenient.
> Mike
> On 8/31/2010 8:46 AM, PMichael Rodgers wrote:
>>> If you are allowed physical access to the ethernet network, I'd
>>> suggest an ethernet card for the Newton. It's the same setup procedure
>>> (sans the need for wifi drivers and the headache of trying to enter
>>> the correct WEP key in hex), should be a hair faster (less latency,
>>> although I don't know if its discernible) and it might even be easier
>>> on the batteries.
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