[NTLK] wireless connectivity

PMichael Rodgers pmiker at copper.net
Tue Aug 31 10:02:04 EDT 2010

  Hmmm.  I'm trying to remember what I once knew about ethernet.  We 
have 3 pc's, 2 laptops and a printer connected via wireless to the 
router.  The router is up front in an inconvient location.  Where would 
I connect the ethernet card to if I had one?  To a PC or the router?  
The router is out of the question.  Way too inconvenient.

On 8/31/2010 8:46 AM, PMichael Rodgers wrote:
>> If you are allowed physical access to the ethernet network, I'd
>> suggest an ethernet card for the Newton. It's the same setup procedure
>> (sans the need for wifi drivers and the headache of trying to enter
>> the correct WEP key in hex), should be a hair faster (less latency,
>> although I don't know if its discernible) and it might even be easier
>> on the batteries.

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