[NTLK] I'm new to Newton emate purchased on ebay (Cosmo Kain)

Andy Hill adhill at fastmail.co.uk
Mon Aug 30 17:41:31 EDT 2010

  Hi Cosmo

Welcome to the wonderful, contemporary - albeit a bit old fashioned and 
sometimes 'more leisurely'  - world of the Newton.....again....

Have no qualms about spending what appears to be silly money on a gadget 
of yesteryear. You are not alone my friend - there are many on this list 
who have spent more than they might admit on the very same - me for one.

And always remember..anyone can use an iPhone but it takes a real man 
(or woman) to use an eMate.

Also when the oil runs out, eMates will fetch more, so think of it as an 

PS: I have an eMate too which is slow and tedious and fun and robust and 
instant and I admit a strange green pal!

I hope yours arrives safely.


On 29/08/2010 23:42, Cosmo Kain wrote:
> Hi it's Cosmo here who bought the emate from ebay - thank you to those who have sent helpful messages regarding my questions

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