[NTLK] Excited about using my 2100 again

R A Parker RAParker at Newted.ORG
Sun Aug 29 19:07:00 EDT 2010

On Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 8:06 am Roger Brown wrote:

> Background first:  I began using my
> 2100 with ACT for Newton and my  
> desktop using OS 8 or something.

It was the best of times, it was the…

> In January I sent to Ron Parker  
> several flash memory cards to correct
> the 2010 issue (THANKS Ron!).  

You're welcome. BTW, did you get yourself up-to-date with the latest 711000 patch?

I'll be updating the Lender Card master backup file soon, too.

> Since I am dumber than a sack full of
> hammers (non-sense) I was afraid to 
> try to install the patch until this 
> weekend. Wonder of wonder it works!  

Yes, it should.

Keep in mind that there is a new version of the patch released in June, specifically for the MP2100. Version 711000. You should download it and install per Eckhart's instructions, at his web site:


It will install directly over the previous version (Patch 71J059) included with the January 2010 copy of the Lender Card. You can also download the patch for over-the-air updating using Newt's Cape or Fetch URL:


Note: This is a temporary (personal) location until I update the Lender Card.

> I tried it on my least loved 2100 of 3
> incase I screwed it up.  Now what do I 
> do? 

The rest of them.

> I showed my new wife how wonderful
> the handwriting recognition works in
> ACT contacts but I can only use ACT on 
> a very old laptop.  I am not going to go 
> to a Palm Centro again after my my  
> new reunion with my 2100.  

It may take time to figure out a good "Work Flow" but there are plenty of ways to get data to and from your Newton and your desktop.


1) A $20 Donation to <http://www.Newted.org> gets you POP, IMAP, SMTP and a lifetime of community admiration.

2) <http://www.Toodledo.com> gives you todo management with email/syncing to multiple devices and platforms of Notes and To Do's.

3) Adam Tow's NewtTodo and HyperNewt are must haves! <http://www.tow.com/software1/newton/>

> NOTHING is this wonderful!  Does
> anyone have any knowledge of a 
> contact managing program that can
> run on a Newt 2100 and OS10.3 or 
> later?  This is a wonderful community > and I follow the list frequently. 

Ah... Contact management has never been a big necessity for me. However, I'm in a position to dive deeper and I'm now looking at NCX to see what's new with its capabilities (Re: Address Book and MobileMe). Mostly I'm looking for the Holy Grail. I want to update my contacts on the web or my iPhone and have it available (updated) on what ever device I'm using. If it takes an "erase all" and "dump current" to keep my Newton up-to-date, I would be happy.

> Thanks to everyone for keeping the
> Newt alive and well

> Roger Brown from Backwoods USA

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