[NTLK] I'm new to Newton emate purchased on ebay (Cosmo Kain)

Cosmo Kain cosmokain at yahoo.com.au
Sun Aug 29 18:42:53 EDT 2010

Hi it's Cosmo here who bought the emate from ebay - thank you to those who have sent helpful messages regarding my questions (Yes I am aware of the hinge problem). Believe it or not, I've been using apple since 1996 and studied with them in Melbourne Australia (I live on the gold coast) but ive only used the emate a few times never used a message pad - first one i got from ebay that mum bought me years didnt include anything in terms of storage or cd or cables and the screen died so hopefully I am more prepared this time around.

It's going to take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks for the emate I recently bought on ebay to reach me in Australia. Here is what I have spent so far, it's just ridiculous for something so old! And I believe for the postage I paid, the seller could have sent it via airmail instead of surface post, but it was my choice to buy this one on ebay because the seller has told me the unit could pass for brand new!

I have never bought anything using surface post before!

1. eMate 300 with A/C, battery showing healthy charge of 24 hours (i have to wait and see), hinge fix and stylus $130.00 AUD including post

Here's the ebay url link of the emate I bought:


2. 4mb upgrade ram card $31.00 AUD including post

3. 4mb original newton PCMCIA flash storage card $43.00 AUD including post

4. Torx screwdriver size T8 to install the upgrade $2.30 AUD with free post

The seller of the emate believes the backlight is OK and I am no expert (and I know there are instructions online and I have an apple service manual) But I don't really want to take the emate apart because I am afraid I'll damage - and why change something original that Apple manufactured? 

So when I finally get it, open and close it gently to avoid hinge problem, i mean what can you do? The seller on ebay says he does the hinge fix if he believes it's required - if they are like new there is no need - is what the seller states ? But I don't know if he performed the fix on the unit he sent me.

Its all in the ebay url link I put in this post. 

What do you all think, did I score a good emate unit? You are the professionals! Im just learning...



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