[NTLK] I'm new to Newton emate purchased on ebay

Woody Smith woodysmith at comcast.net
Sat Aug 28 14:49:36 EDT 2010

As James said the hinge repair is very very important and failure of  
the hinge is likely what happened to your other eMate.  This is a  
relatively easy fix.

The operating system is built into ROM and has had numerous patches.   
Also on ROM are NewtWorks and Newtworks Draw as well as other  
applications and extensions that are identified as 'Built in'.  A  
brainwipe will restore the eMate to its factory configuration plus  
system patches.  System patches cannot be removed normally, the  
exception is to install a different ROM board such as a German  
language or a 2x00 ROM board (not recommended).  It is recommended to  
upgrade to the latest official system patch then install Eckhart  
Koeppen's 2010 patch from <http://40hz.org/Pages/Patch%2073J186>

Most of the software that was on the original disk is not especially  
relevant any longer.
for email you will want to use Simon Bell's Mail V.
Web use Courier or NewtsCape
for connection to modern Mac use NCX
for PC you will still use NCU, but the version on the original disk  
would need updating I believe.

if you are familiar with the eMate then you won't need the eMate tour  
but it might be useful for a brush up.

Most important is, Can you install packages now and how are you doing  


On Aug 28, 2010, at 3:07 AM, Cosmo Kain wrote:

> Hi, I need some help, please!
> I am a new user to apple newton, I bought one from ebay - I am only  
> young 20 years old - my mother bought me one about 5 years ago  
> because I used them when I was at school and I always wanted one but  
> it died the screen went all weird with broken lines and it froze so  
> we sent it back (I have now discovered after doing research the LCD  
> screen went - too bad i didn't keep it and get it fixed)
> Anyway I have now bought a new emate on ebay and I know all the  
> download links are there on Unna.org but simply put I am still  
> learning - i need some help to clarify a few things - i want to  
> download everything that was on the CD version 1 that came with the  
> emate when it was brand new the original cd in the box so I have  
> everything I need - I can't find this cd anywhere on ebay or the  
> internet and I don't know what the original CD that was included  
> with the emate 300 had on it. I have found software updates, but  
> what if i need to reinstall the original newton operating system - i  
> cant find it anywhere on the internet.
> I am trying to explain myself as clear as possible, i have a habit  
> of confusing people jumping from one subject to another, sorry.
> I believe I need Pre-installed Software Backup folder plus  
> everything else
> Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.
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