[NTLK] Excited about using my 2100 again

Roger Brown ribcands at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 11:06:26 EDT 2010

Background first:  I began using my 2100 with ACT for Newton and my  
desktop using OS 8 or something.  I do not have a good memory for  
details so I hand wrote under notes of my ACT contact in my 2100 at  
the time my thoughts and details, then was able to update my desktop  
with the notes for each contact of the day.  Everything was just  
perfect for a couple of years until I upgraded my OS to 9.2.  Act did  
not support that and was I ever lost.  Enter Palm and Now Up To  
Date.  I never could use the Palm phone as a contact manager like I  
did my 2100.  Present time:  My son ran up a $3200.00 phone bill so I  
no longer use my Palm Centro.  In January I sent to Ron Parker  
several flash memory cards to correct the 2010 issue(THANKS Ron!).   
Since I am dumber than a sack full of hammers, I was afraid to try to  
install the patch until this weekend.  Wonder of wonder it works!  I  
tried it on my least loved 2100 of 3 incase I screwed it up.  Now  
what do I do?  I showed my new wife how wonderful the handwriting  
recognition works in ACT contacts but I can only use ACT on a very  
old laptop.  I am not going to go to a Palm Centro again after my my  
new reunion with my 2100.  NOTHING is this wonderful!  Does anyone  
have any knowledge of a contact managing program that can run on a  
Newt 2100 and OS10.3 or later?  This is a wonderful community and I  
follow the list frequently.  Thanks to everyone for keeping the Newt  
alive and well.
Roger Brown from Backwoods USA

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