[NTLK] NSBasic Question - arrays

PMichael Rodgers pmiker at copper.net
Tue Aug 24 11:16:05 EDT 2010

  I'm d/l'ing it now.  I had to remove a download manager from Mozilla.  
I only have a dialup connection so I do not do a lot of downloading 
anymore.  At least not a home.  I can usually get some done at work and 
move it to a usb drive.

The code snippet had no 'ifs'.

On 8/24/2010 9:59 AM, Matt Howe wrote:
> Did you go to my website and download the NSBasic terminal? It uses a serial
> connection and a highly customized terminal emulator to help in writing
> NSBasic code. Also, if you are using a book to do some adventure games
> another area that can cause some frustration is the if then structures. Be
> sure to read the if then section of the NSBasic manual carefully. But things
> like adventure games is the perfect place to learn NSBasic. If you get
> really stuck, send me your code and I'll see if I can help.

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