[NTLK] NCX problem

Don Zahniser dzahniser at rochester.rr.com
Mon Aug 23 13:36:47 EDT 2010

Follow-up to my previous note:

I reinstalled NCX-34, and all is well.  I was able to choose the  
PL2303 driver.  Curiously, 'modem' was is shown as an option in the  
earlier version.  I've used NCX-34 to install a package, so it  
appears to be working now.

On Aug 23, 2010, at 12:40 PM, Lord Groundhog wrote:

> Until I tried to use the new version.  It crashed almost as soon as I
> clicked on it.  After this happened repeatedly I gave up.   
> Fortunately I
> could still use 1.2 so I tried to open it, but now it no longer opens
> either.

Don Zahniser

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