[NTLK] [ANN] Y2010 + Y2008 fix for 2x00US Newtons

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Mon Aug 23 06:59:09 EDT 2010

On Aug 22, 2010, at 1:14 PM, Steven Frank wrote:

> Just reporting in that I installed 711000 on my two 2100s without
> incident.  Can't say with certainty whether it fixes the date problems
> as I'm not currently using my Newtons day-to-day, but it didn't brick
> them.  :)  Both show 711000 in Extras after installation.

The only issue that seems to have cropped up with the 711000 patch  
(and previous Y2010 patches) is something that I'm calling the "Clock  
Minute Timer Display Bug". Here is the information that I forwarded to  
Eckhart and Paul several weeks ago ...

Sir Izaac originally uncovered this Clock minute timer issue [1] which  
both Morgan and I have confirmed in patches 71J059 and 711000. The bug  
can be duplicated by following these steps:

1) Open the Clock
2) Select "Minute Timer" from the "Set" picker
3) The time picker will display either "000" or blank
4) Close the picker
5) Select "Minute Timer" again
6) The time picker will be either "000" or blank, the opposite of the  
previous view

I've posted a screenshot [2] of what the blank time picker looks like.

I tested a MessagePad 2100 running 717006 and found no sign of the  
issue. It appears to be related to the recent Y2010 patches. I have  
not tested a patched eMate or German MP2100 yet.


[1] http://twitter.com/sirizaac/status/18800688916
[2] http://cl.ly/1iai


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