[NTLK] Purchasing a newton

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Thu Aug 19 17:27:51 EDT 2010

Hi Blake

Any applications or accessories that make your experience with the
> newton better?

Try here:

With note taking I've found:

Turning off HWR and just saving as ink works best then converting to text later.
Less distraction during lectures.

Bigger Notes let's you put more than 32KB in an individual note but I found that
emailing or beaming the note won't work with notes that are more than a couple
of screens long: so splitting up an individual lecture is a good idea.

Losing your notes is a big deal now because your lecture notes are important so
set up a regular time to back up onto a spare memory card.

Here is a PIM comparison:

Linking a particular task or meeting to a Name is only necessary in a commercial
sales environment when you want to review a contact history so I would have
thought MoreInfo would be overkill for anyone else.  TimeTrax does give you
better weekly and monthly display screens.

Getting your data off the Newton will let you desktop publish them more easily.
I use email to send text off the Newton and a web browser to load stuff.  All
wireless because there is less chance of physically damaging the newton's
interconnect port.  There are probably people out there who have used serial
connections for years and never damaged their Newtons so YMMV.

These links might help you there:





> I'd like to use this to take notes in class, and in general as a tool to
> manage my life with.

As far as organizing your life try these:



Good hunting

Tony Kan

New Zealand

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