[NTLK] NCX and synchronizing names

Michael Grossman ceratoph at SDF.LONESTAR.ORG
Tue Aug 17 12:46:27 EDT 2010

I've been trying out NCX syncing through am orinoco silver  Wifi card. 
The MP2000 had no names in it and my mac pro's addressbook had 30. NCX 
successfully copied the 30 contacts from the mac to the Newton and then 

For some odd reason, NCX only connects to my newton once, does its thing 
successfully (add package or sync contacts), crashes, and leaves the 
newton in a slightly messed up state requiring a reset. By "slightly 
messed up," I mean that when I try to reconnect the newton it just does 
not see my Mac until I reset the newton. Restarting NCX had no effect. I 
think there is some issue with dockTCP(I tried v1.2 and 1.3).

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