[NTLK] NCX and synchronizing names

Forrest anasazi4st at me.com
Mon Aug 16 12:26:52 EDT 2010

Has anyone run into problems using the new Synchronization feature of NSX? This new feature is supposed to sync the Newton's Names feature with OS X's Address Book.

When I connect my AlBook (1.67GHz, 2GB RAM, OS X 10.5.8) with the Newton (MP2100, 2.1, 711000), and I access from the Mac: the Newton displays "Backing Up Names", and there is the moving "barber pole"..the Mac displays "Internal" above the barber pole, and "Pushing Names" below--then NCX quits, disappears from the display, and there's an error message on the Newton saying the Mac has disconnected.

The same thing happens when I access the feature from the Newton screen...except the Mac displays the name of my Storage Card above the barber pole...and when NCX quits, it displays an error message and the code "262596", but remains visible.

Nothing appears changed in either machine afterwards.

If no one else has experienced problems, I know NCX's creator Simon Bell monitors our NewtonTalk list, so maybe he has some answers...?

Thanks in advance,

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