[NTLK] how to ID 2000-->2100 upgrade ROM board?

Woody Smith woodysmith at comcast.net
Sat Aug 14 20:04:03 EDT 2010

On Aug 14, 2010, at 5:58 PM, Michael Grossman wrote:

> Oh, I see. Not as simple as I thought. So it would require total
> disassembly.

Not quite a total disassembly,  the display would not need to be  
My concern would be to assure that the battery terminal that is  
connected to the logic board was clean.

> I might as well just look into getting a replacement screen,

Much harder

> rather then maybe messing up my one good MP2000. (Life w/o a MP2000  
> would
> be pretty boring.)

Takes less than an hour, but be sure to have a back up since all  
information on your 2000 will stay with the logic board.

> How different?

both the 2000 and 2100 have the same flash storage the difference is  
in system RAM.  You will only want to do this if you find that your  
system RAM is resulting in out of memory messages or frequent system  
Difference is the chips soldered at the point you indicate are  
different/larger and are soldered to the other set of pads.

> Looking at the detailed picture here in step 27:
> http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Apple-Tablet-Teardown/2153/4
> the 2 chips on my main logic board are a few mm closer to the ROM  
> board
> socket. Also, shiny bits are above the 2 chips. ("Above" means on the
> opposite side of the black ROM board connector. These  
> circumlocutions are
> symptomatic of my spending money on old gadgets instead of new  
> cameras.)

Personally I would do it and did when I first bought my 2000.


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