[NTLK] how to ID 2000-->2100 upgrade ROM board?

Michael Grossman ceratoph at SDF.LONESTAR.ORG
Sat Aug 14 18:58:45 EDT 2010

> The upgrade is soldered onto the logic board.  Your images are of the
> ROM boards which are identical, though different chips may have been
> used.  ROM boards are different for different languages.
> If you look under the ROM board you will see a slight difference in
> where the chips are soldered.
> The simple upgrade is to swap the Main logic board.
> Woody

Oh, I see. Not as simple as I thought. So it would require total 
disassembly. I might as well just look into getting a replacement screen, 
rather then maybe messing up my one good MP2000. (Life w/o a MP2000 would
be pretty boring.)

How different?
Looking at the detailed picture here in step 27:


the 2 chips on my main logic board are a few mm closer to the ROM board 
socket. Also, shiny bits are above the 2 chips. ("Above" means on the 
opposite side of the black ROM board connector. These circumlocutions are 
symptomatic of my spending money on old gadgets instead of new cameras.)

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