[NTLK] New Newton Manual Released

Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Sat Aug 14 16:36:06 EDT 2010


I decided to release this for free.  I also have a book that is coming out but that is not so much about the Newton.

This is version 1.  The manual contains information that people would need to consult in order to set up and run a Newton device.  I tried uploading to UNNA but didn't seem to work.  It focuses on OS X and Classic Mac.

Suggestions and additions can be sent to me for incorporation into future versions.  If you are to forward suggestions, please cite the page number.  Also, if you have written some instructions of your own that you want incorporated, when forwarding those to me, please forward complete, edited versions.  

I think it seems more safe and practical to have a PDF manual than just relying on the web.  We're seeing some database problems with newtonknowledge right now, that's an example of how information can be blocked when technical issues arise.

So again, I encourage users to forward me write ups so this manual can grow and get better.

Here is the download link:


Thank you,


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