[NTLK] Newton MP2100 ROM Map

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Sat Aug 14 03:59:26 EDT 2010

On 13.08.2010, at 23:53, Clu wrote:

> Can't believe no one else has talked about this.
> Very interesting!  How much of the rom have we been able to figure out 
> so far?

I am used to that. There are not many developers left in the group.

As of today, I can associate just over 90%. Not all of that is understood, of course, but at least I know if it is NewtonScript code, an NSRef or NSObj, ARM code, ARM data, a dictionary, a ROM extension, etc. . 

There must be tens of thousands of commented lines of code out there from various reverse engineering works. I would love to see all the comments in some Wiki database (the comments only of course, and their address in ROM, not the code itself - we would not want to violate any copyrights).

 - Matthias

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