[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 11, Issue 12

Jon Glass jonglass at usa.net
Fri Aug 13 09:51:10 EDT 2010

On Friday, August 13, 2010, Noah Leon

> I'm trying to connect to my newt from my old PB-520, my Powerbook is running the Newton Connection Utility, and connecting over AppleTalk. The newt is connecting with a WaveLan card. I'm trying to get them to talk to each other, but for some reason I can't get my powerbook to show up. Does anyone know if this is a problem maybe with my router? It's a generic D-link.

I'm betting it is the router. Not all routers pass Appletalk, which
would cause thus problem. Try connecting them directly. AppleTalk
should work fine with a direct connection.

 -Jon Glass
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