[NTLK] NCX and Wifi

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Fri Aug 13 07:33:23 EDT 2010


This is one of the reasons why I use personal web server.  Newtscape is a much
bigger package than Courier.  Courier is smaller less ambitious and quicker.
But Courier is text only and doesn't do tables, images, forms or javascript.
Using personal web server or IIS on a pc allows me to gain access to my personal
repository of software wirelessly without needing a serial connection.

UNNA is a service maintained by one volunteer.  Morgan needs help with program
descriptions and submissions to put the latest versions on there.

It's only as good as the amount of effort the community puts in.


New Zealand


I will have to look into this. I completely give up on trying to browse
unna directly with any newton browser: they're just too old. Actually,
unna.org is getting a bit long in the tooth too. I downloaded an old
version of Mail V there and spent forever trying to get it to work with
SDF email. Sometimes an unmaintained central library is worse than no
library. So not being able to install with a tap can be a good thing.

I suspect I am also in version hell with TCP/IP Dock or something it needs
because NCX is crash-tacular! It works once and then never again until I
reset the newton.  I'm using version 1.2 of TCP/IP Dock which is
distributed with NCX.  I tried version 1.3, but it did the same thing and
rendered the newton really flakey: strange things would happen after
a failed attempt to connect like having to tap everything twice to make it

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