[NTLK] NCX and Wifi

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Thu Aug 12 00:35:35 EDT 2010

Hi Michael

I suggest you set up a Personal Web Server on your laptop and allow the Newton
to surf to it with Courier over a wifi connection.  This is the way I get
software installed on my Newton.  I hope this helps.  The way to do it on a
Windows desktop is described here:

Maybe doing it on a Mac isn't too different.



Tony Kan

New Zealand

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> I tried to connect an N2000 using an Orinoco Silver Wifi card to my
> macbook pro using NCX. The connection was hopelessly flakey and dropped
> like every two seconds. Then the newton was left kind of messed up with a
> strange error message if I tried to run any other application. A soft
> reset, as in just pushing the button on the back, cured that.
> Anyone seen this problem? It sure would be cool to hook my newton to a
> modern macbook w/o a dongle.
> Networking using this card seems ok in PT100 and Newtscape.
> The only successful way I can get stuff into the newton is using IRDA on
> my old OS 9 Lombard powerbook.  I'm backing up to a card for the time
> being.

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