[NTLK] Fixing up a newton

Noah Leon moosefuel at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 20:46:32 EDT 2010

Hey all, 
I'm a bit of a ghost on the list, I read some posts but rarely discuss anything, but recently I've been considering the ipad and the Kindle, and that has got me interested in using my newt as an e-book reader, and maybe use it to take notes. I'd like to get it back in shape for use, but I need a few things to do so. 
I used to sync wirelessly with my wavelan card to my iMac, but somehow in the time since I last used my newt, I've lost the card with the connection software. I don't remember who it was who helped me out the first time (years ago), but if I send a card, can someone copy on the various files I need to use NCX to connect? I'll pay postage.
Also, I wonder if anyone has either a keyboard+dongle and/or a rechargeable battery they would be willing to part with. 
Or, as an alternative to the network tools, does anyone have a dongle and (maybe, and I know this is pushing it) one of those old ADB to USB connectors? I could go to ebay, I know.
I've been considering the iPad, but I think I would really miss the HWR of the newt, and the Kindle is nice and cheap, but actually reminds me a lot of the Newt with it's screen that can be read outside, really basic internet, etc. So why not resurrect my newt and read a few classic books with it.
Anyway, always a pleasure, thanks.noah 		 	   		  

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