[NTLK] WTB: Audio Dongle

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 21:19:47 EDT 2010


Does anyone have one of these they're willing to part with?  I'd like to get "just one more" (um, I think I said that last time I got one).

Alternately, if anyone has one (preferably two) of the JAE connectors:

RX04-26P1-SF1 (non-locking connector)
RX04-26P-SF1 (locking connector)

...I can attempt to clumsily hack one together.

Please shoot me an email off-list.  Shipping will be to the SF Bay Area (zip 95132) and I would prefer that the dongle be shipped in a small box of some kind.  I can pay via PayPal balance transfer, although an ability to accept a cc-funded payment would be most welcome. :)


James Fraser

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