[NTLK] Free Newtons and Accessories.

Goodwin, Greg P. GoodwinG at aafes.com
Tue Aug 3 10:41:45 EDT 2010

Sweet!!!  Thanks for offering that for free... very nice of you.

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I won an eBay auction for a lot of Newtons and accessories.  I only  
needed two, so I have a few extra.  If anyone wants anything, please  
back-channel me.

I'm willing to part with these for the cost of shipping:

MP2100 (1) (the Battery eject button works, but not well)
MP2000 upgrades (3) (only have 3 total MP 2x00 styluses.)
OMP with original packaging (1)
Farallon Ethernet cards with cords
Farallon Ethernet card newton drivers (1 Mac formatted disk, 1 PC  
formatted disk)
Dongles (several)
Keyboards (4)
Serial cables (4 Mac, 4 PC)
Keyboard case (1)
MessagePad 2000 and Newton Keyboard Carrying Case (2)
Defying Gravity (1) (Torn cover, otherwise good condition)
Dongles (2)
Wavelan Bronze Turbo 802.11 card (1)
Male to male PC Serial changer (1)
Newton Connection Utilities (1 set Mac Floppies, 1 set PC floppies)
QuickFigure Works User's Manual
Several Dummy cards and linear flash memory cards
Secure Connect Manager Floppies from Ascend Communications (1 set)
I also have a few dead rechargeable batteries and a few AA Battery  

First come first serve.


Joe Kelly

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