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Saw this and thought someone here might be interested. Reply only to the lister, not me! (:-)

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> From: Andrea <ambrosia.kaldes at gmail.com>
> Date: July 31, 2010 17:37:12 EDT
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> Subject: Two eMates, w extra software & misc accessories
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> Sorry this post is long.  I want to be clear about what I'm offering.
> Two great-condition eMate 300 computers.  Each provides built-in
> applications for word processing, drawing, spreadsheet, graphing
> calculator, address book, calendar functions.  I prefer to sell both
> as a set; one can be set up as the teacher and the other as the
> student, and they communicate via infrared.
> Hardware: Units are in excellent condition, no hinge, screen, or
> keyboard problems. A few small cosmetic scratches. Both have their
> original stylus. Each weighs 4 pounds, and is 12" x 11.4" x 2.1". 25-
> MHz ARM 710a RISC processor, High-speed infrared (IrDA)port, 3 MB of
> RAM (1MB of DRAM and 2MB of flash memory); 8MB of ROM, 480- by 320-
> pixel gray-scale LCD display with back-lighting, Built-in speaker and
> sound input/output ports, Units provide expansion capabilities via PC
> Card slot, serial port for connecting to printers, etc.
> Both units come with manuals, AC power connectors, (necessary since
> neither battery holds a charge--both work fine when plugged in), and
> serial-to-PC connectors.
> Some differences between the units:
> One unit has additional hardware & software:
>    32 MB expansion flash drive (extra storage), Newton Portfolio
> Manager, Pocket Money (with manual), Date View, Freeze Man, Chiral
> (game), Heart of Darkness (book by Conrad)
> Second unit has additional software:
>    Deep Green (chess game), Frogs vs. Cars (frogger game), Hangman
> (game), 3 Oz books (by L. Frank Baum)--Road to Oz, Scarecrow of Oz,
> and Tin Woodman of Oz.
> Some single items--one each of the following:
>    eMate 300 Connectivity CD, "The barrier"--clear film barrier to
> protect eMate screen (in original packaging), 1 extra eMate stylus
> (unopened), 1 serial-to-Mac cable, AMUG CD, "Totally for Newton" (Vol.
> 12, Aug 1998).
> Asking $60 for both (OBO), plus $20 shipping (FedEx ground, with
> tracking).  Prefer Paypal.
> Thanks for looking,
> Andrea
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