[NTLK] FS: Road weary 2100s

Sun Aug 1 04:16:07 EDT 2010

Hi all

I am clearing out the remainder of my Newton bits and bobs. I have a  
number of well worn, road weary but still usable 2100s I'd be happy  
to let go to Newtontalk members:

Each one comes with:

* 8mb memory card
* 3Com fax/modem card
* replacement stylus
* AA battery tray or battery pack for recelling

Casing is worn with a few scuffs, cracks or chips. Screens are fair  
condition with some pen marks and wear, but certainly usable. They're  
all in working order - ideal for those who have not got a 2100 or  
2000, or who want a spare for trying things with. No screen lids or  
port doors. One or two have door clips.

Price $75 + postage at cost to US, UK or international destinations.

Extras you can add (limited quantity): serial adapter $30, 9W AC  
adapter (US 2-pin) $15.

Please mail me OFF-LIST at russbravo at lineone dot net. Payment via  

Thanks :)

Russ, UK

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